Since childhood I have been a believer that technology promises a better future. My passion is solving problems and thus simplifying our lives. Finding a company or personal brand should be easier so I built Namechk.com to help with that. Getting things done should be easier too so I built Tracky.com for task management. Having a presence online and easily maintaining it has also been difficult so I built Flutter.co as your digital hub of everything you do online. My personal blog is powered by Flutter. 

Most of my career has involved the search engine industry. I like to say I’ve learned how the internet works. I hold three patents for the search algorithms I have helped develop. I’ve raised millions in startup capital, built and sold businesses and assembled stellar teams. I’ve also failed numerous times when launching what I thought was the next big thing. What I’ve learned from it all is that we are social. Most of the fun, the passion, the deals and the partnerships, all happen because of relationships. Helping us all progress together towards similar goals and objectives should be assisted in a way that helps make those relationships happen more easily and generate real results.

I’m trying to help us all socialize for reasons more than entertainment in the hope that everyone improves their quality of life together.

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